Saturday, 16 June 2007


It was a Friday night shift. The rain came down in sheets and the wind blew hard. Rivers had burst their banks. Generally it was pretty shitty.

The most worrying thing for all members of the A&E system was that it was scarily quiet. This is not good. You cant relax, something is wrong. Now if I was not at work I'd be staying in and watching Friday Night With Jonathon Ross but our normal customer considers inclement weather no hindrance to getting pissed, having a fight and throwing up on me. They may decide to ware a long sleeved t-shirt but that's about it.

Nights like this make you uneasy because you know you'll pay the price at some point. Nurses and Ambo's pace about, bighting finger nails, waiting on the next job and it just did not arrive. You expect the call to an 8 car RTC, buss crash, fire at an old folks home. Something! It's written in the stars, Carma, kismet - call it what you like but we all know that by the end of shift on Sunday morning we'll of given our pound of flesh.

Knowing this I now have to try and get to sleep but , you know, I'm scared of what will come.


Anonymous said...

And were you right to be scared?

uphilldowndale said...

Were there any 'Native American Indians' with tomahawks and stuff?
You always get them when its 'to q***t'

nakedwomen said...

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