Sunday, 17 June 2007


My Granny called it the "sight", some call it the "gift", some call it precognition. I call it bloody predictable. The price was paid and I must say it was particularly painful.

Some people I have learnt to hate over the years and last night kicked off by three of these folk in a row. None of these people had anything wrong with them and being well known to us everyone involved knew this, especially them. All were pissed and would walk out of the hospital before we had finished booking them in, as usual. All wanted a wee trip up the road for whatever reason that springs into their rotten, Ferrel heads. Eight minutes (8) was the longest any were prepared to wait before getting a taxi home. Ho Hum. Who am I to suggest that these things should be charged for abusing the service? Give them a lift I always will.

A few more drunks and a couple of quite sad psychiatric jobs. A change of blood soaked uniform and here I am at home.

Predictable? It never fails.


Anonymous said...

waste of energy hating them,'cos they don't care and they can't learn.And any news about the Antipodean adventure?

Iain MacBain - or maybe not!!?? said...

No news yet about the OZ thing. Testing the watter really.

Anonymous said...

I know sending yourself to the other side of the world may seem a little extreme to escape realities but my dad always says "everything happens for a reason" and he's a very experienced wise old bastard.
The weird thing about blogging is sending advice/messages to people you have never met but i'll give you my advice anyway and hope you stop testing the water with your big toe and throw yourself in without a lifejacket.
What's the worst thing that could happen?

Anonymous said...

If you go for it and get accepted then you have a real choice, whether to go or not, and will feel contentment in the choice you've made.Although, as one who can't swim,jumping into water without a lifebelt means drowning is the worse that can happen, and is more than likely, but don't let that put you off lol

Anonymous said...

On a different tack, I can appreciate the link between your post and frozen vermin,good one, I can also see why people would need to keep dead rodents in the freezer, but I cannot see why anyone would need to post a photo of a freezer full of them on the internet in the first place, perhaps I need to get out more.

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, drowning.... probably not the best way to start a new life.
Might be best to pack a few arm bands then,